; Indicate the package is no longer actively maintained
; Bump version to 2.0
; Document last commit in NEWS
Allow calling 'vcomplete-current-completion' everywhere without args

* vcomplete.el (vcomplete-current-completion): Allow calling from
anywhere without and without arguments (in which case point is used).
* vcomplete.texi (Completion commands): Update description.
Integrate built-in completion enhancements of Emacs 29

* vcomplete.el (vcomplete-no-update-commands): Add Emacs 29+ commands
to default value.
(vcomplete-search-range): Don't define on Emacs 29+ and change
default value.
(vcomplete-highlight): Change default to inherit from
'completions-highlight-face' if available.
(vcomplete--get-completions-window, vcomplete--last-completion-overlay)
(vcomplete--highlight-completion-at-point, vcomplete--move-n-completions)
(vcomplete-next-completion, vcomplete-prev-completion)
(vcomplete-choose-completion): Don't define on Emacs 29+.
(vcomplete-with-completions-window): Alias to
'with-minibuffer-completions-window' on Emacs 29+.
(vcomplete-command-map): Use built-in command on Emacs 29+.
(vcomplete--disable-completion-in-region): Don't use
'vcomplete--get-completions-window' on Emacs 29+.
(vcomplete--setup-completions): Ensure highlighting is enabled on
Emacs 29+
(vcomplete--kill-completions): New function replacing
(vcomplete-mode): Use 'vcomplete--kill-completions'.
* vcomplete.texi (Top, Introduction): Reword introduction.
(Installing from the Git repository): Add information about automatic
(Usage, Customization, Completion commands): Add information about
Emacs 29+ integration.
Restore original {pre,suf}fix in the minibuffer when choosing completion

* vcomplete.el (vcomplete-choose-completion): Let-bind
'completion-use-base-affixes' to t before choosing a completion.
; Fix vcomplete-pkg.el generation on OpenBSD
; Remove unnecessary function quote
Replace 'vcomplete-with-completions-buffer'

* vcomplete.el (vcomplete-with-completions-window): New macro
replacing 'vcomplete-with-completions-buffer'.
(vcomplete--move-n-completions, vcomplete-choose-completion): Use
the new macro.
; Indicate NonGNU ELPA installation is now available
; Use 'kbd' notation in README
; Bump to version 1.2.1
; Generate 'vcomplete-pkg.el' automatically
Remove Embark integration

Embark integration broke in a non-trivial way and I no longer use it,
so it is now removed.

* vcomplete-embark.el: Remove.
; Fix info node hyperlink in the commentary of vcomplete.el
; Prepare for NonGNU ELPA inclusion
; Indicate the mailing list is the "maintainer" of the package
; Update copyright years
; Bump to version 1.2