ref: da1e8f414d3ebbcc625064018e67e92082c78723 astr/configure.ac -rw-r--r-- 599 bytes
Reimplement `astr_alloc_formatted_from_va_list()`.

Drop the need to call `vasprintf()` and change the implementation of
`astr_alloc_formatted_from_va_list()` to call
`astr_realloc_append_formatted_from_va_list()` with a `NULL` string

Update the readme and man page and remove the check for `vasprintf()`
from the configure script.
Stop generating the `config.h` header.

Remove the line:


from `configure.ac` to suppress the generation of the unused `config.h`
header and speed up configuration.
Remove unnecessary tests from the configure script.

Since C99 is required, drop these redundant Autoconf tests:

    AC_CHECK_HEADERS([stdlib.h string.h])

These tests don't prevent configuration and building of the source; they
simply define symbols in `config.h`, which isn't used.
Remove configure check for `vsnprintf()`.

This is probably unnecessary since C99 is already required.
Add configure checks for `vasprintf()` and `vsnprintf()`.

Modify the configure script to check for both these functions and to
halt configure with an error if either one is missing.
Added initial source, build system and tests.

Created library source files `astr.h` and `astr.c`, adding the initial
library function `astr_alloc_empty()`.

Created test source file `astr_tests.c` with a test for

Ran `autoscan` to create initial `configure.ac` file and added
additional checks.  Also added `Makefile.am` with targets to create both
`libastr` and `astr_tests`.

Updated `.gitignore` with Autotools generated files and directories.
Updated the readme with instructions to run `autoreconf` to regenerate
the build system.