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Remove `const` from `va_list` parameters.

For FreeBSD compatibility, remove the `const` qualifier from various
`va_list` parameters.
Add missing `const` to function signatures in docs.

Update the readme file and man page to incorporate the function
signature changes in the previous commit (5ed773f).
Reimplement `astr_alloc_formatted_from_va_list()`.

Drop the need to call `vasprintf()` and change the implementation of
`astr_alloc_formatted_from_va_list()` to call
`astr_realloc_append_formatted_from_va_list()` with a `NULL` string

Update the readme and man page and remove the check for `vasprintf()`
from the configure script.
Added a better overview section.

Updated both the readme file and the man page.
Added the `astr_cmp()` function for comparing strings.

The `astr_cmp()` function is an inline wrapper around `strcmp()` that
included `NULL` handling.

Reimplemented `astr_eq()` in terms of `astr_cmp()`.
Added the `astr_empty()` inline function.

The `astr_empty()` function tests a given string to see if it is `NULL`
or points to an empty string.
Added functions to append formatted characters.

Added functions


along with tests, man page and readme documentation.
Change _args suffix to _with_va_list.

Rename `_args` functions to `_with_va_list`:


Also updated the man page to reflect these changes and name changes from
the previous commit.
Change "formatted" to "format".

Rename `astr_alloc_formatted()` and `astr_alloc_formatted_args()`
functions to `astr_alloc_format()` and `astr_alloc_format_args()`

Also rename related tests and update the readme and man page.
Added `astr_alloc_formatted_args()` function.

Extracted this function from `astr_alloc_formatted()` to separate the
`va_list` processing (which stays in `astr_alloc_formatted()`) from the
string formatting logic, which moved into `astr_alloc_formatted_args()`.

Added tests and updated the readme and man page.
Added the `astr_eq_bytes()` inline function.

Also added tests for `astr_eq_bytes()` and added documentation for it to
the readme and the man page.
Added `astr_alloc_formatted()` function.

Also added tests for the function and documentation to the man page and
the readme file.
Added man page and updated the readme.

Added "Overview" and "Functions" section to the readme.