ref: da1e8f414d3ebbcc625064018e67e92082c78723 astr/Makefile.am -rw-r--r-- 265 bytes
Fix typo in `Makefile.am`.
Added man page and updated the readme.

Added "Overview" and "Functions" section to the readme.
Added initial source, build system and tests.

Created library source files `astr.h` and `astr.c`, adding the initial
library function `astr_alloc_empty()`.

Created test source file `astr_tests.c` with a test for

Ran `autoscan` to create initial `configure.ac` file and added
additional checks.  Also added `Makefile.am` with targets to create both
`libastr` and `astr_tests`.

Updated `.gitignore` with Autotools generated files and directories.
Updated the readme with instructions to run `autoreconf` to regenerate
the build system.