Keyboard driven and lightweight Wayland notification daemon for wlroots-based compositors.
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Fnott is a keyboard driven and lightweight notification daemon for wlroots-based Wayland compositors.

It implements (parts of) the Desktop Notifications Specification.

Packaging status

Supports styling and progress hints:


Notifications are automatically sized (with the possibility of limiting their max width and height):


#Supported features

  • Summary
  • Body
  • Actions (requires a dmenu-like utility to display and let user select action)
  • Urgency
  • Icons
    • PNGs (using libpng)
    • SVGs (using bundled nanosvg)
  • Markup
  • Timeout

More documentation is available in the installed man pages:



  • fontconfig
  • freetype
  • pixman
  • libpng
  • wayland (client and cursor libraries)
  • wlroots*
  • dbus
  • fcft, unless built as a subproject

* Fnott must be run in a Wayland compositor that implements the wlroots protocols.


In addition to the dev variant of the packages above, you need:

  • meson
  • ninja
  • scdoc
  • wayland-protocols
  • tllist, unless built as a subproject


Copy the example fnott.ini to ${HOME}/.config/fnott/fnott.ini and edit to your liking.

Start the daemon by running fnott. Note that it does not daemonize or background itself.

Test it with e.g. notify-send "this is the summary" "this is the body".

Use fnottctl dismiss to dismiss the highest priority notification (usually the oldest), fnottctl dismiss all to dismiss all notifications, or fnottctl dismiss <id> to dismiss a specific notification (use fnottctl list to list currently active notifications).

Additionally if you compositor implements either the KDE idle protocol, or the newer idle-notify protocol, fnott will not dismiss any notification if you are idle by the amount of time configured in fnott.ini

You can also click on a notification to dismiss it.

Note: you probably want to bind at least fnottctl dismiss to a keyboard shortcut in your Wayland compositor configuration.


To build, first, create a build directory, and switch to it:

mkdir -p bld/release && cd bld/release

Second, configure the build (if you intend to install it globally, you might also want --prefix=/usr):

meson --buildtype=release ../..

Three, build it:


You can now run it directly from the build directory:


Test that it works:

notify-send -a "MyApplicationName" "This Is The Summary" "hello world"

Optionally, install it:

ninja install


Fnott is released under the MIT license.

Fnott uses nanosvg, released under the Zlib license.