Add support for multiple plugin directories and improve error reporting.
Add quick and dirty plugin autodiscovery.
Make the version comparison function aware of suffices.
As of now it just ignores the suffix. In strict semver sense a version
with a suffix is less than one without, but it's not clear if it's
worth implementing or not.
Set the version to 1.10.0-dev due to the plugin API improvements.
Expose the page_file variable in JSON index data.
[Plugin API] Make the HTML module API "monadic".

Now all functions that expect an element tree item
will immediately return a nil if the argument is nil.
Fix a typo and improve the wording of the widget profile option mismatch.
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dmbaturin/soupault
Add the signify/minisign public key to the README.
[Plugin API] Expose HTML.get_tag_name
[Plugin API] Expose select_any_of and select_all_of
Add the -j option to the opam build command.
Remove reference to specific (and outdated) soupault version from the default config.
No, don't use travis environment. It's flaky as it is.
Parameterize the opam platform and fix the missing version variable.
Use opam 2.0.6 for travis builds.
Do not try to insert section index if it's empty. This should be the last bit for #15.
Correct the build profile matching logic for index extraction.
Update the version.
Add options to exclude/include pages to the index settings.