Debian packages builds for sr.ht
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Debian packages of sr.ht components and any dependencies which are not available in Debian are published in the following repository:


Instructions for using the Debian repository can be found on man.sr.ht. Packages are built on sid (unstable) but are also installable on bullseye (testing).


Packaging for each piece of software is tracked in their respective repository:

Packaging source CI build status Debian build status
builds.sr.ht builds.sr.ht upstream builds.sr.ht Debian
core.sr.ht core.sr.ht upstream core.sr.ht Debian
dispatch.sr.ht dispatch.sr.ht upstream dispatch.sr.ht Debian
git.sr.ht git.sr.ht upstream git.sr.ht Debian
hg.sr.ht hg.sr.ht upstream hg.sr.ht Debian
hub.sr.ht hub.sr.ht upstream lists.sr.ht Debian
lists.sr.ht lists.sr.ht upstream lists.sr.ht Debian
man.sr.ht man.sr.ht upstream man.sr.ht Debian
meta.sr.ht meta.sr.ht upstream meta.sr.ht Debian
paste.sr.ht paste.sr.ht upstream paste.sr.ht Debian
scm.sr.ht scm.sr.ht upstream scm.sr.ht Debian
todo.sr.ht todo.sr.ht upstream todo.sr.ht Debian
minio (n/a) minio Debian
mistletoe (n/a) mistletoe Debian
python-emailthreads (n/a) python-emailthreads.sr.ht Debian
ansi2html (n/a) python-ansi2html.sr.ht Debian

Note that some sr.ht packages (meta.sr.ht, etc) are automatically built and published by builds.sr.ht. This process automatically updates the debian/changelog, but does not commit it to each repository.

Repository sr.ht-debbuilds contains the build script and the APT repository configuration.

#Repository maintenance

How to refresh and upload repository OpenPGP key:

$ gpg --edit-key 0x0A688E8C88D64F4D  # expire...
$ gpg --export --armor 0x0585B50AC6A4914D debian/key.asc
$ git commit -m 'Refresh OpenPGP key' debian/key.asc
$ rsync -v debian/key.asc deploy@mirror.sr.ht:./