This is some acpi handers to call tiny scripts that change brightness and volume. Used for my laptop.
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#ACPI Control for Volume & Brightness

Volume was made a little trickey because of how pulseaudio seems to work. I had trouble using pactl so I am using amixer. Since there is no pulse session in root it does funny things like mutting master and speaker but then only unmuting master. To get around this I just made it so speaker is always unmutted, as well as headphone if they are plugged in. To tell the volume script it the headpines are plugged in I use a file that will catain "in" or "out" /var/tmp/headphones.log.

You can use acpi_listen and press buttons to see what their names are. They seem to be in three parts like

❯ acpi_listen
jack/headphone HEADPHONE plug

You can use this to make acpi to do all kinds of stuff.

├── README.md
├── etc
│   └── acpi
│       ├── events
│       │   └── anything
│       └── handler.sh
└── usr
    └── local
        └── bin
            ├── brightness_push
            └── volume

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