ee77a4e0826f396b623514e4c171a88e078aeb28 — David Logie 12 years ago c054532
Update Makefile.
1 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M Makefile
M Makefile => Makefile +12 -4
@@ 5,14 5,22 @@ FILENAME="$(EXTENSION)-$(VERSION).xpi"
	@echo 'Commonly used make targets:'
	@echo '  build      Builds a complete XPI file from "src" dir'
	@echo '  release    Builds a complete XPI and sets up the symlink'

	@echo "Building $(FILENAME)..."
	@if [ -f "builds/$(FILENAME)" ]; then rm -f "builds/$(FILENAME)"; fi
	@cd "src" && zip -q "$(FILENAME)" *
	@mv "src/$(FILENAME)" builds
	@cd "builds" && rm -f "$(EXTENSION)-latest.xpi"
	@mv "src/$(FILENAME)" .
	@echo "Done!"

release: build
	@echo "Packing..."
	@mkdir -p "builds"
	@rm -rf "builds/$(FILENAME)"
	@mv "$(FILENAME)" builds
	@rm -f "builds/$(EXTENSION)-latest.xpi"
	@cd "builds" && ln -s "$(FILENAME)" "$(EXTENSION)-latest.xpi"
	@echo "Done!"

.PHONY: help build
.PHONY: help build release