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#digital dreams

my collection of generative art written in rust. comes with a webserver that generates and sends images over https.

to run a dream (or the webserver), change into the directory and use cargo +nightly run --release to compile and execute. add -- --help (yes with 4 dashes and 1 space) to see the help message. nightly is recommended because the webserver (rocket) needs it and recompiling for a different release channel is boring. the release flag makes compiling a tiny bit slower but execution gets noticeably faster.


A voronoi diagram generator which is only designed to look good. I wrote a post which explains some more details (over here)[https://www.dinid.net/generative/voronoi/].

image of a computer generated voronoi diagram. each cell has a different color. the cell border are black and have a shadow.


This small rocket application will generate images and serve them over http. has a lot more restricions than the cli but can be embedded in websites and requires no installation.