A simply utility to ensure Conda environments integrity
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#ekans - A simple utility to check Conda environments integrity

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ekans is an simple set of scripts able to perform different checks on Anaconda environments. This script is mainly thought as an easy way to substitute the notion of development dependencies, which is lacking in Conda environments.

Development dependencies are packages that are used during development and that must strictly correlate with the Python version of the project. Some other package managers (like Poetry) are able to define these dependencies to be installed in regular environments but excluded from builds or using flags. This is not possible in Conda: all packages in the declared environment are treated equally, which implies this unwanted dependencies being bundled in production as well. On the other hand, fighting against it makes the environment prone to be non-consistent between production and development.

One way to solve this situation is having two different environments: env/prod.yml and env/dev.yml. ekans is able to check that all versions are fixed and that production is a strict subset of development. This results in the desired scenario: correctly excluding the unwanted dependencies while ensuring that both environments have the same real dependencies to test against.


It is possible to install the package from PyPI using pip:

pip install --user ekans


To check if an environment can be reproduced correctly, use the fixed in the CLI tool. Not passing -f will cause the command to interactively prompt the user to enter the path to the file.

ekans fixed [-f path/to/environment.yml]

If you want to check a full setup (env/prod.yml and env/dev.yml and their relation) you can use the command verify, as seen in this example:

ekans verify [-d path/to/dev.yml] [-p path/to/prod.yml]

If you are running ekans from the root of your project and your names match the ones described in this README, you can omit passing any arguments. There are also --help flags available for the commands described above.