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#dvm-emacs - Diego Vicente's personal Emacs configuration

This repository contains my Emacs configuration, configured from scratch to my personal needs.

As a short introduction and motivation, I have been an Emacs user since summer 2016. I previously was a Vim user, and my "gateway drug" to Emacs was Spacemacs. Few months after starting using it, I started feeling uncomfortable of how bloated it was and how some things were absolutely out of my control, lost in the default layers of indirection. The natural step was to start crafting my own Emacs configuration from scratch. That effort started in 2017 and now amounts for hundreds of commits in this repository.

In early 2020 I started experimenting with doom-emacs, until I finally decided to migrate my configuration to it. It provides some sensible defaults but does not prevent the user from configuring their editor just like a vanilla Emacs. I also found that doom-emacs did most of the things I was doing in my config, just faster. After a while, however, I started feeling like I lost control over my tools: the added complexity of the framework starting to crept in my configuration and making me uneasy when performing some deep configuration or fine tuning.

For that reason, in summer 2021, history repeated again and went through my third Emacs bankruptcy. Trying to gain back control on my configuration and aiming for comprehensive configuration and minimalis, I started writing this current config.


The configuration depends on some routes that are defined as variables, and are expected to be find there. It is important to check the variable dvm/user-configuration-directory, which is by default set to ~/etc/dvm-emacs. Set it to the value where you clone this repository. For activating this configuration, simply make a link to init.el.

ln -s /path/to/configuration/init.el $HOME/.emacs.d/init.el

All packages and dependencies are bootstrapped as use-package definitions and will be automatically installed if they are not found when starting the editor. It is a plan in the near future to define this configuration as a Nix flake.