The QMK configuration for my DZ60RGB v2 keyboard
ddd7b437 — Diego Vicente 1 year, 10 months ago
Fix right shift, page movement and media
a1a9d37d — Diego Vicente 2 years ago
Add MIT license
f73db218 — Diego Vicente 2 years ago
Add new direction keys and extend layer 2


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#dvm-dz60: My personal QMK configuration

This repository contains the custom QMK configuration I use for my keyboard, a DZ60RGB v2 Hot Swap. This configuration has been crafted using the available QMK configurator, and the included JSON can be uploaded to it in order to compile and retrieve the binary to flash the keyboard.

This process is not as agile as I would like but I do not change this configuration that often, so there are no plans to change this workflow in the near future - it will remain this way until it falls short for a specific feature I need.