Diego's Vim
Add word underline and which-key initialization
Add basic editor configuration
Add auto-import of all files in /modules


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#dvim: Diego's Vim

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This repository contains my personal Vim configuration, in an experiment to check a different editor from my usual Emacs configuration. The recent changes in NeoVim caught my eye and this setup is based on it, using Nix as the plugin manager (and configuration interface). This repository is heavily based in Wil Taylor's neovim-flake, from which most of the boilerplate code is taken.

Heads up! This repository is currently work-in-progress and should not be taken as a reference of.. Anything actually.


Nix is a hard requirement to use this config (and, actually, having flakes enabled as well). Having that setup, it is possible to include the package in any other configuration or run it standalone from a local copy of the repo:

nix run .#dvim

Or even without having a local copy by using:

nix run git+https://git.sr.ht/~diego/dvim