Include desktop audio control for soyuz

Now there is a dedicated mode in the i3 configuration to specify
using keyboard shortcuts the audio profile. There are currently
three different ones defined: HDMI output, laptop output and
Update X resources for soyuz and rename files
[WIP] Add vostok's configuration
Add general X configuration files
Enable compton to remove screen-tearing issues
Add MIT license
Add initial README
Reorganize the dotfiles for multi-folder

Instead of using a single configuration mangled with several environment
variables, this setup will aim to have multiple folders that define each
of the devices by their hostnames. This allows symbolic linking easily
and results in easier to debug configurations.

This is also due to the fact that I am moving from using Antergos
everywhere to a setup composed of Debian at work and Void Linux at home,
two distributions that are very different from each other.
Switch terminal to use Emacs' vterm / xfce as alternative
Disable middle button
Remove dimming aesthetics, include xfce4-terminal improvements
Add compton + i3 dim configuration
Include general desktop modifications for minimal nord
Unify the alias declaration
Add nord to xfce4 terminal and other shell configurations
Modify polybar + i3 to nord colorscheme
Add zshrc new variables and theming
Add nord rofi configuration
Add zsh configuration w/ Pure Power theme
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~diego/dotfiles