Remove dimming aesthetics, include xfce4-terminal improvements
Add compton + i3 dim configuration
Include general desktop modifications for minimal nord
Unify the alias declaration
Add nord to xfce4 terminal and other shell configurations
Modify polybar + i3 to nord colorscheme
Add zshrc new variables and theming
Add nord rofi configuration
Add zsh configuration w/ Pure Power theme
Merge branch 'master' of
Change work setup to vertical layout
Merge branch 'master' of
Update home outputs
Add open function to bash aliases and ethernet split
Generalize wallpapers to differ in work and home configs
Fix outputs to release $TEMP variable

It caused crashes since that variable is used to indicate a desired
temporal directory in Firefox and Node.js (for instance).
Add $ETH to work-outputs
Fix to use env variables
Add aliases to bash folder
Fix completely the work/home switch setup