Add touchpad gestures for Gnome
Add the Gnome terminal to the favorite apps
Set the default git pull strategy to fast-forward
Move VS Code to its own nix file
Explicitly enable Gnome user extensions
Move settings out of power.nix and add TODO
Set the gnome terminal profile to a valid ID
Change alacritty config for Gnome terminal
Include more keybindings in Gnome
Include VPN management for Gnome
Include custom keybindings for Gnome
Remove unnecessary disabling wayland for Nvidia
Include overlays and delete unused modules
Configure the GDM setup in NVidia Optimus cards
Update the configuration to 21.11
Disable GDM when using NVidia drivers
Fix dvicente user to appear listed in the greeter
Add initial Gnome configuration
Set the generations limit to prevent errors in korolev
Include rolling release of VSCode