A collection of my configuration files
Update X resources for soyuz and rename files
[WIP] Add vostok's configuration
Add general X configuration files


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dotfiles - Diego Vicente's config files

This repository contains all the configuration files for the system's basic functionalities. The main thought after these configurations is to be symlinked in the places where the system is looking for them. The folders at root level identify the hostname of the machine they are supposed to configure:

  • vostok: my personal laptop (Dell XPS 15 9560), which runs Void Linux.
  • soyuz: my work laptop (Dell XPS 15 9570), which runs Debian.

Although the configuration currently aims for unified usability and look-and-feel, keeping both explicitly different allow me to easily diverge some aspects from to another. The first step for the configuration in my workflow is:

ln -s $HOME/utils/dotfiles/$HOSTNAME $HOME/dotfiles

That way, the folder ~/dotfiles contains all the configuration files for that specific machine, and I can easily access them when needed. This is absolutely not necessary: you can symlink directly from the git repository to the configuration locations.

Apart from the configurations, each folder includes a basic README where some details from the machine and the setup are contained.