Update footer year and submodule declaration

The idea is to start encapsulating the export functionalities to:
a) develop an automatic builds.sr.ht service to upload the files
b) generalize the export in order to generate a Gemini site as well
Edit git submodules
Modify instructions to shorter command
Add GPG WKD instructions to home page
Disable Jekyll
Add WKD configuration to enable auto-discovery of PGP
Make the footer look less shady to blockers
Add my 2019 reading list
Fixing yet another typo
Correct typos and broken link
Add Emacs 2018 review
Update FontAwesome and add Mastodon footer icon
Update to simple image resizing
Upload submodules after adding font-display to org-css
Finished post about blogging with org
Add local version of fonts to drop Google Fonts dependency
Change to new stylesheet
Change to new stylesheet
Update to new public key
Fix key route