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Revert "Ignore at directory"

This reverts commit e23911e40616559639970742cc5066bd35f8f5d1.
Revert "Don't track all the @ files"

This reverts commit 34c31b218a78d1bbf322b94d527ecbc0e78d20b1.
Revert "Ensure the at-expander runs automatically! Nice!"

This reverts commit 9fd381e19c02bee958c071281219895a3b3a3bfb.
Ignore at directory
Ensure at dir is created
Don't track all the @ files
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Ensure the at-expander runs automatically! Nice!
Regenerate wiki
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Add note about additions to the spec
Add record printer/reader, handle non-fixnum len
Fix incorrectly formatted links
Use a chicken script :) rather than a buggy sed
Try yet another procedure grouping in the wiki.
Wiki: fix license fromatting
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