Batch commit, oh well
Ignore fasl files
Ensure lisp miller rabin doesn't trip up on zero
Correct p59-msg.txt
Add p65 solution in lisp
p102 in python

This is a cop out (and kind of slow) but it *does* solve the problem...
Add p59 solution
Add cards.lisp for p54
Add some SBCL solutions
CHICKEN: Add a slow p62, add TODOs
Add comment about CHICKEN p69 slowness
Add p69 solution in CHICKEN
Remove debug print, add time/result for p63
Add p63 solution in CHICKEN
Add p49 solution in CHICKEN
Add a subpar p50 racket impl
Add prime to dune build
prime test - trials in wrong place
Move time into a subdirectory
Add prime library (Miller-Rabin)