More exclude globs for magit-todos
Add tests, fix erroring trig functions
Add explicit documentation for mathh-constants, don't double export
Fix import issue with mathh-consts
Tweaks and todos
Add most trigonometric/hyperbolic functions
Simplify read-syntax macro
dtypes: move read/write into dtypes.scm

Also add documentation and ensure dtypes.scm is a source dependency.
Reexport mathh-consts
Highlight define-generic2 as a keyword cause why not
flonum-print-precision isn't a parameter, don't treat it as such
Properly document array-summary-* as parameters
set-sharp-read-syntax! and set-read-syntax! are the same with a symbol

And one is less to type
Add convenience syntax define-generic2

- Like define-generic with two args, but the order of the args "doesn't
  matter" (defines another generic with the same body with args flipped)
Simplify %eye optional args handling
Fix add dtypes, add docs
Add complex-array? and flonum-array? predicates
Slightly simplify types definition macro with dtypes
Use %numchi instead of numchi-impl for implementation module
Clean up and simplify generic-utils a bit