Try new minimal network config with iwd
Enable plocate-updatedb timer
Update asterisk variant name for new version
Use master branch for iosevka pkgbuild
Update dieggsy packages
More packages, organization, cleanup

- Add optional zoom, signal-desktop, sbcl, valgrind, texlive packages,
  tcc, intel-mkl
- Get rid of tp_smapi (not needed for newer thinkpads)
- Make xf86-video-intel, cmus optional
Base emacs-git on native-comp branch

- Just until native-comp gets merged. They regularly merge master into
  this branch, so we get can features of both by basing on this for now.
Add some AUR packages
Iosevka: no serif, no ligations, minor updates
Use zst for repo-add package ext, clear old versions on update
5e892c70 — dieggsy 3 years ago
Slim iosevka package, update config
11e571aa — dieggsy 3 years ago
Big ol' update. See diff
e70a131d — dieggsy 3 years ago
Fix up aur-pkgs.txt. Some pkgs moved to community, added others.
814d7fc6 — dieggsy 4 years ago
Add AUR packages
0e56d686 — dieggsy 4 years ago
Add some optional deps to dieggsy-devel
7182eac3 — dieggsy 4 years ago
Make split package dieggsy-{desktop, thinkpad}
23faeb1e — dieggsy 4 years ago
Add -s option to update script (for optional signing)
7d1f99dc — dieggsy 4 years ago
Use split package for dieggsy-{base,server}

- This makes it so I can have linux-lts for servers but regular linux
  for base.
- Also organize deps a bit
8c0b1adb — dieggsy 4 years ago
I guess hyperfine is in community
3c200fe1 — dieggsy 4 years ago
desktop: two more packages, enable systemd services