Full kernel source for the Asus BRT-AC828 kernel
ab293b94 — Diederik de Haas 1 year, 10 months ago
Import Asus' version of 3.4.103 for BRT-AC828
a36585f5 — Diederik de Haas 1 year, 10 months ago
Import kernel version 3.4.103.
1511a1f6 — Diederik de Haas 1 year, 10 months ago
Import kernel version 3.4.0


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#Asus BRT-AC828 router kernel

This repository contains the Linux kernel source code for the Asus BRT-AC828 router firmware.
The provided source code is a (heavily) modified version of the 3.4.103 kernel.


This will be the git submodule containing the kernel part.


I will first import the original 3.4(.0) release, then import the official 3.4.103 version and then Asus' version meant for the BRT-AC828.

This repo therefor contains the full kernel source, hence the -full in its name, but the goal is to replace this repo with one which only contains the diff from the original source, just like it happens with the Debian kernel. Then when the kernel needs to be compiled, the original source gets downloaded, the diff/patches applied and then compiled.
That will dramatically reduce the size of the repo as it won't store the info/data that is widely available on the internet anyway. It also allows me to focus on just the differences that are (apparently) needed for it to work on the BRT-AC828.

The ultimate goal is to upgrade the kernel to a (much) higher version, like a Super Long Term Support release, like 4.4 or 4.19 and maybe 5.10 will also become one. The last 2 of those also match the kernel version used in a Debian release (Buster: 4.19; Bullseye: 5.10).

A tool often used to manage (large) patch sets is quilt and it's also used by Debian (kernel). I forgot where, but I read that one should start with the official release by Linus (the .0 one), certainly if the goal is to forward port patches. As that is precisely my goal, I will first import version 3.4.0 and then the official 3.4.103 and then Asus' version of 3.4.103. That way I can use git (tools) to work with the differences and create the (huge) patch set from that.