Bangalore, India


Free Software Developer

I develop and contribute to free, libre, and open-source software exclusively.


Personal Website


GNU Guix build image support for builds.sr.ht


[EXPERIMENTAL] alpine repository for guix package manager


[WIP] An almost complete alpine image for self-hosting


[EXPERIMENTAL] tree sitter grammar for ifupdown-ng interfaces


[ARCHIVED] Utilities to serialize a GNU Guix channel


hledger addon to track time


[WIP] hledger addon to generate GST returns


A go library to un/marshal hledger json output


MIDI packages for Go


[POC] names.sr.ht


[ARCHIVED] Minix 3 build image support for builds.sr.ht


[ARCHIVED] PTT client for VSCode using Jitsi


[ARCHIVED] Solutions to the first 50 Project Euler problems in Haskell

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