Bangalore, India


Free Software Developer

I develop and contribute to free, libre, and open-source software exclusively.


MIDI packages for Go


Personal Website


[POC] names.sr.ht


GNU Guix build image support for builds.sr.ht


[ARCHIVED] Minix 3 build image support for builds.sr.ht


[ARCHIVED] PTT client for VSCode using Jitsi


[ARCHIVED] Solutions to the first 50 Project Euler problems in Haskell


[ARCHIVED] Coursework of CIS-194 by Brent Yorgey


[ARCHIVED] Utilities for writing CSS in elm language


Parametric 3D model of an indoor plant pot


Utilities to serialize a GNU Guix channel


Netron TensorBoard Plugin


[WIP] A collection of useful keras utilities


A cli to test shopify webhooks required for GDPR