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<h2>Graduate students</h2>

<h3>Andrew Savinov</h3>

<img src="img/andrew.jpg" title="Andrew Savinov" alt="A picture of Andrew Savinov" />

<h5>B.Phil. in Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Pittsburgh, 2011</h5>

<p>I received my B. Phil. in chemistry and molecular biology, with a minor in physics, from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011.
For my undergraduate honors thesis research under the direction of Prof. Graham Hatfull, I performed a genetic and biochemical investigation of Bxb1 gp47, an unusual recombination directionality factor used by the bacteriophage Bxb1 to control the decision to remain integrated into or be excised from the bacterial host's genome.
Bxb1 infects <em>Mycobacterium smegmatis</em>, a fast-growing relative of and model for <em>M. tuberculosis</em>.</p>
<p>I come to biophysics by way of a keen interest in biology.
Throughout my studies I have grown increasingly fascinated with how biological systems work at the fundamental, molecular level, and how biological behavior is built up from this foundation.
This interest in "bottom-up" biology led me to study molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and physics as an undergraduate.
Armed with this multidisciplinary background, I entered Stanford's Biophysics Program in 2011.</p>

<p>I joined Prof. Steven Block's group in 2012, excited to make high-resolution measurements of macromolecular folding and biological function atthe single-molecule level.
For my Ph.D. thesis I am studying folding (co- and post-transcriptional) and catalytic activity in a ribozyme system.</p>

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<h3>Bojan Milic</h3>

<img src="img/bojan.jpg" title="Bojan Milic" alt="A picture of Bojan Milic" />

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<h2>Former students</h2>

<li>Andrew Savinov           (University of Washington)</li>
<li>Cong "Arthur" Meng       (DataVisor Inc.)</li>
<li>Irena Fischer-Hwang      (Stanford University)</li>
<li>Van Duesterberg          (Nutrigene)</li>