Run command in a home-manager profile with proot
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Spawns a shell in a home-manager profile. Like nix-shell for home-manager.

Builds your profile, sets its env vars and $PATH to its /bin, and bind-mounts its files using proot.


If the target flake provides a module in the homeManagerProfiles.$USER output it will be imported (unless -b is given).

Otherwise use -i to add custom imports. self, config, lib, and pkgs are available in its scope. Quickly enable programs using -e which is a shortcut for -i '{ programs.$PROGRAM.enable = true; }'.

Using -U and -H you can set username and home directory to adapt the build to your current machine. If not given, these default to the values of your current USER and HOME environment variables.


You can run against any arbitrary flake:

home-manager-shell [OPTION]… FLAKE_REF [COMMAND]…


You can add an app to your flake for a shorter command line and static configuration. See the example flake on how to do this.

Once you added such an app to your flake you can run it like this:

nix run github:your/flake#app -- [OPTION]… [COMMAND]…

#CLI Options

See cli.txt.


Use your home-manager profile on a friend's machine without installing it:

nix run sourcehut:~dermetfan/home-manager-shell -- -U my_user github:your/flake

Try a friend's home-manager profile without installing it:

nix run sourcehut:~dermetfan/home-manager-shell github:friends/flake

Run in a temporary home directory (library usage assumed for shorter example):

nix run github:your/flake#app -- -H /tmp/test-home