Files for use with Engrafi in order to generate blog.simplydenise.eu
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


builds.sr.ht status

aka "a template you can use for ~denisebitca/engrafi"

#How to use (with Sourcehut Pages)

  • git clone git@git.sr.ht:~denisebitca/blog.simplydenise.eu; cd blog.simplydenise.eu
  • (optionally) build engrafi with the strings.json in this folder
  • engrafi config.json
  • cp -r images public
  • cp style.css public
  • tar -cvf public.tar public
  • gzip public.tar
  • hut pages publish -d blog.simplydenise.eu public.tar.gz

#Sourcehut Pages and Sourcehut Builds

This is ready for Sourcehut Pages / Sourcehut Builds.


  • builds Engrafi with the correct strings
  • runs Engrafi in the repo
  • publishes to Sourcehut Pages


I have experience with Github/Gitea Actions. Feel free to ask me for tips on how to make an automated script for those.


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