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🏳️‍⚧️ developer, system administrator, ethical FOSS enthusiast


Files for use with Engrafi in order to generate blog.simplydenise.eu


A poor attempt at making a static blogging engine in Typescript


Website for the collective's pause


This is a repository grouping together structure schematics and thought processes for different Miaoute structures.


Le website officiel de la Miaoute


This is a repository for metadata (the information behind the Miaoute structures) and other things that do not fall into the realm of the Miaoute Technical Core (internal monitoring and behaviour surveillance, log rotation in host, OCSP rotation in host)


The next-generation solution to the bodge that https://code.miaoute.net/miaoute/mtc is. Meet Nucleus, the (hopefully more modular) technical core for Maine-Coon, the main Miaoute server.


An open-source web-based music player with a remote control feature.


low-effort one-on-one chatting: just pick a name!


42 C Piscine (August 2022)


Docker image and docker-compose file for Chyrp Lite


Typescript Discord bot


Logiciel d'encaissement sous Node.js et Electron