v0.3-a0 1 year, 10 months ago

Pre-release: v0.3-a0

New features since v0.2:

* Add xHCI driver
  * Add USB keyboard driver
  * Add USB mass storage driver
* Move PS/2 logic fully outside kernel.
* Switch from TOML to custom (& much simpler) configuration format
* Add memory driver to kernel, which exposes all addressable physical memory.
* Add "smart" PCIe driver loader.
* Add prototype user database
* Add GPT partition driver

Bug fixes:

* Mask MXCSR_INVALID_OPERATION_MASK et al. at program start.
* Map framebuffer as WC using PAT. This improves display refresh
  performance significantly.
* Fix thread::sleep returning immediately if some wakeup event preceded
* Make PCIe driver work on devices with less than 256 buses.
* Support PCIe MSI