v0.2 1 year, 10 months ago

Release v0.2

All the new features, briefly:

* Finalized OO interface. All basic methods are present.
* Add syscall for synchronous I/O
* StreamTable API and performance has been improved. It uses shared memory to
  avoid redundant copies to kernel-space and back.
* Basic GUI support, including a tiling window manager prototype.
  * Supported hardware are virtio-gpu and Intel HD Graphics (HD 5500).
* SSE and AVX2 support.
  * SSE4.2 has been chosen as baseline as all extension up to it include
    veru useful instructions (e.g. `pshufb`). Every x64 CPU made in the
	last ~15 years should support it.
* An SSH server has been implemented for secure remote logins.
* virtio-net performance and reliability has been improved (it is still flaky