ssg-pandoc is Roman Zolotarev's "ssg" website building script modified to use pandoc.
0aaa3518 — Matthew Graybosch 1 year, 2 months ago
Added comments and TODO items
6c36e815 — Matthew Graybosch 1 year, 2 months ago
Tested Org Mode support in ssg-pandoc and fixed bugs.
13062ef8 — Matthew Graybosch 1 year, 2 months ago
Implemented UNTESTED org-mode support.


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


ssg-pandoc is a static site generator implemented as a shell script that uses pandoc by John McFarlane. It is based on ssg by Roman Zolotarev.


  • A working GNU/Linux or BSD installation.
  • pandoc

How to Install

  1. Install pandoc using your operating system's package manager, unless you're on OpenBSD. In that case, you should follow Aaron Bieber's instructions after adjusting the "staff" group defaults in /etc/login.conf to increase memory usage, open files, and stack size limits.
  2. Clone the ssg-pandoc repository into a convenient location.
  3. Copy the contents of the bin/ directory to ${HOME}/bin for personal use or /usr/local/bin and make them executable using chmod +x.

Usage Instructions

ssg-pandoc takes the same arguments as the original ssg, so Roman Zolotarev's documentation is perfectly adequate for now. If other people end up using this, I might get around to writing a proper man page. In the meantime, read these pages:


  • [ ] Org Mode support
  • [ ] reStructuredText support
  • [ ] AsciiDoc support
  • [ ] Textile support
  • [ ] LaTeX support
  • [ ] Support for frontmatter/metadata
  • [ ] support for Pandoc templates instead of _header.html and _footer.html

Also Included

ssg-pandoc comes with Roman Zolotarev's original ssg5 script, and a copy of Markdown.pl by John Gruber as a fallback in case pandoc is unavailable. I've also included Zolotarev's rssg for generating RSS feeds.


  1. Your index page for blog posts needs to be in Markdown or HTML. Otherwise, rssg won't be able to parse it and generate a feed.
  2. Support for pandoc templates isn't implemented yet.


If you think you've found a bug, or have a question, please leave a message on my ssg-pandoc-bugs tracker. Thanks!


Why ssg-pandoc?

I like Roman Zolotarev's ssg and have used it to build my own site, but his script only works with Markdown and HTML. I also want support for Emacs Org Mode, and figured that I might as well get support for other formats in the bargain.

However, supporting pandoc probably isn't a priority for him, so I'm doing it myself rather than bugging him about it.

Why do I have to install this manually?

Because I haven't gotten around to creating a Makefile yet.

Where's the man page?

I haven't written one yet.

Does this work on Windows?

I have not tested ssg-pandoc on Windows, but it might work if you install pandoc and get bash via Git for Windows.