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OpenBSD Ports WIP

This is my collection of ports I wish to submit to OpenBSD. Some of these were originally created by Dr. Brian Callahan. He no longer has time or inclination to work on these, but there are a few I'd like to see added and packaged for my own use.

Please direct all questions to Matthew Graybosch

Original README by Brian Callahan

These are some work-in-progress ports I'm working on. They're here so that I (and you) can easily manage new ports that I haven't submitted yet. Ports here can be at any point along the development path, so please look at a port before blindly issuing make install.

You are free to use these ports on your own machine, of course. I am hesitant to allow others to directly commit here (you should just send stuff to ports@ or to if you really want it in a work-in-progress repo) but I will take pull requests or emails.

I am also very willing to let people take MAINTAINER of these ports and send them to ports@. Please email me and ask first, though.