a static website generated using m4 and make
3928855a — Matthew Graybosch 5 days ago
I should turn this into a demo and move my personal stuff elsewhere.
780f4e17 — Matthew Graybosch 7 days ago
JSON feeds won't work in M4 because of delimiter hell.
8879ee98 — Matthew Graybosch 9 days ago
I knew _A_EXTERNAL was too damn long


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


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This is an attempt at using the classic m4 macro language and BSD make to generate a static website. We then use openrsync (introduced in OpenBSD 6.5) for deployment. If you aren't familiar with m4, chances are typing man m4 or info m4 into your shell will give you an introduction of sorts. Otherwise, try reading the following articles:


Why m4? Why not a more modern static site generator?

Why m4? Why not? I want to see how much I can do with a default OpenBSD installation. Since OpenBSD comes with make and m4, I figured it might be worthwhile to try using these tools to build a website.

Please don't tell me you used ed to write the code and text.

OK. I won't. (But I totally did.)