Harrisburg, PA


Just a metalhead who codes for a living, runs OpenBSD and GNU/Linux at home on secondhand computers, and writes science fantasy. You should be paying me NOT to code. =^.^=


a static website generated using m4 and make


master repository for the Starbreaker Depositions


Building my website with Jekyll. Again.


rebooting the Starbreaker saga with a new novel: "Never the Heroes"


Org-Mode file listing RSS/Atom feeds for elfeed-org and elfeed


a basic website to run on localhost as a starting point for w3m


OpenBSD ports I hope to submit


archiving and typesetting my story, "Thirteen Cuts"


archiving and typesetting my novel, "Silent Clarion"


archiving and typesetting my novel, "Without Bloodshed"


a replacement for redshift built with POSIX shell, core utilities, and sct


Matthew Graybosch's dotfiles for OpenBSD


Because Equifax must be destroyed.


ssg-pandoc is Roman Zolotarev's "ssg" website building script modified to use pandoc.


Using Org-Mode to generate a WordPress Blog and a Gopher Site

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