Utility shell scripts to solve various day-to-day problems
Add script to convert audio file to FLAC format
Minor fixes for sync-artist script
Add --dry-run (-n) option to sync-artist script


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Utility shell scripts to solve various day-to-day problems.

#Music Management

Script Description
convert-to-m4a Converts the given file to M4A (AAC) format using the Fraunhofer libfdk-aac library (via fdkaac)
backup-artist Back up the given music artist directory to multiple cloud stores.
sync-artist Syncs the artist directory from the local disk to the remote, deleting files from the remote if required.
backup-playlist Converts a cmus playlist to m3u and backs it up to the cloud, so that other music players like CloudTunes can stream it.
backup-cmus Back up the local cmus directory (playlists and library in text file format) to the cloud stores configured.


Script Description
stream-clipboard-video Stream video from the URL in the clipboard.

#Photo Management

Script Description
sync-photos Syncs the given photos directory to the remote, deleting files if required.


Script Description
archive Archive a directory or file. Takes the given file or directory and generates a .tar.xz file with a timestamp. The original file is not touched.
backup-book-category Backs up the given Books sub-directory to the given cloud stores.
backup-receipts Backs up my receipts to a few cloud stores

#Notes Management / Zettelkasten

Script Description
start-personal-wiki Starts a TiddlyWiki instance for my personal private zettelkasten.
start-work-wiki Starts a TiddlyWiki instance for a private zettelkasten for work notes.
watch-personal-wiki Watches the personal notes directory, and syncs it automatically to the upstream git repo (with desktop notifications).


Script Description
amend-author-all Update an author's information in all git commits.
git-pushall Push all the cuncommitted changes in the current git repo.

#File Transfer / Sync

Script Description
unison-runner Runs unison to sync files across two machines. Reruns it it if gets disconnected.


  • Run make to install all the scripts to ${HOME}/bin
  • Run make uninstall to remove (i.e. “uninstall”) the scripts from ${HOME}/bin