Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa


I am Tristan B. Kildaire or (as known on the Internet) Deavmi. I really like computers a lot and enjoy programming and have a fascination with low-level aspects of computing and some high-level things here and there. Networking too is a big interest of mine.

Currently I'm a computer science under-grad at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

I'm 20 (I think) and I like pizza and wine, I don't have a car 'cause I don't have a driver's license because I ain't no statist.


Butterfly is an easy-to-use email protocol replacement. It aims at being easy to extend on the client end by using JSON as the basis for the majority of the protocol.


Bester protocol daemon, yes I know a description could do. Think XMPP but general and modular. Not related to the devil.


Terminal-based butterfly client


The message format used for Bester.


Tag-based asynchronous messaging framework