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Simple config using Spacemacs style key bindings

This is a fork of https://github.com/hzenginx/spacelite which is a simple emacs configuration using evil, with spacemacs-like SPC leader key bindings.


From the original spacelite repository (by Huseyin Zengin):

  • evil with evil-escape, evil-iedit
  • use-package for dependencies
  • spacemacs like leader key(space by default) bindings
  • helm with helm-ag, helm-projectile
  • projectile with recentf,
  • undo-tree
  • flyspell for spellchecking
  • diminish for clean status line
  • magit with evil-magit
  • some simple MacOs keybindings (only enabled in OSX/emacs)
  • which-key for shortcut help
  • highlight-parentheses, evil-anzu, restart-emacs etc.

Modified here to include:

  • different theming, simple modeline.
  • org-mode with keybinding from spacemacs 0.300 and my personal config
  • eglotfor python, go, javascript (withjs2-mode, rjxs-mode`) and spacemacs style bindings
  • misc language modes dokuwiki-mode, yaml-mode
  • neotree file browser


git clone https://github.com/dctrud/spacelite ~/.emacs.d

The modeline and neotree theme use the all-the-icons package. So you need to call(M-x a.k.a. SPC SPC) all-the-icons-install-fonts function once in first run to get icons working.


I have really enjoyed using spacemacs, but often use emacs at work on networked home directories, or on a Windows laptop. Neither of these are that speedy for the large and comples spacemacs config - so a lot of time has been spent turning off spacemacs features to speed up startup and/or general perfomance (on Windows).

I came across the original repo for spacelite and liked that it had the framework for spacemacs key bindings, and was organized in a way I could understand, strip-out / expand as needed.


Spacelite is under a GPLv3 license. License headers indicate files modified from hzenginx/spacelite or entirely new code added here. Some files contain code from spacemacs - indicated in headers for files I have added.

The original hzenginx/spacelite repo notes:

Note that Spacelite is heavily inspired from Spacemacs. Can even contain nearly identical code from it.