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add Key.pair_from_file/1

Keypairs can be stored in a file system wallet;
Solana.Key.pair_from_file/1 allows users to read their keypairs from
that file for use in transactions.
1 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M lib/solana/key.ex
M lib/solana/key.ex => lib/solana/key.ex +18 -0
@@ 18,6 18,24 @@ defmodule Solana.Key do
  defdelegate pair, to: Ed25519, as: :generate_key_pair

  @doc """
  Reads a public/private key pair from a [file system
  wallet](https://docs.solana.com/wallet-guide/file-system-wallet) in the format
  `{private_key, public_key}`. Returns `{:ok, pair}` if successful, or `{:error,
  reason}` if not.
  @spec pair_from_file(String.t()) :: {:ok, pair} | {:error, term}
  def pair_from_file(path) do
    with {:ok, contents} <- File.read(path),
         {:ok, list} when is_list(list) <- Jason.decode(contents),
         <<sk::binary-size(32), pk::binary-size(32)>> <- :erlang.list_to_binary(list) do
      {:ok, {sk, pk}}
      {:error, _} = error -> error
      _contents -> {:error, "invalid wallet format"}

  @doc """
  decodes a base58-encoded key and returns it in a tuple.

  If it fails, return an error tuple.