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Kiwi, Telemark Skier, FreeBSD Fanatic, Erlang & Elixir Evangelist, Folk Fluter, Violin & Occasional Accordionista, Polyglot Open Sourcerer & Weltenbummler.

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FreeBSD ports mirror and wip updates


BGPv4 route announcer in Elixir


Building FreeBSD jails the hard way


Erlang/Elixir NIF bindings for https://github.com/vstakhov/libucl


minimal command-line escript with rabbitmq support


a dancing skeleton for the outer planets alliance


a simple elixir library & OTP app implementation for WordPress akismet spam filtering library


FreeBSD-powered security capabilities for BEAM


BEAM NIF-based byte array from https://github.com/ferd/bitarray


BEAM NIF-based byte array from https://kivikakk.ee/2013/05/13/k6_bytea.html


fiddling with NIFs


net/zerotier pfSense package


Elixir based nanomsg library

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