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FreeBSD ports mirror and wip updates


FreeBSD OCI terraform demo


Building FreeBSD jails the hard way


not all antidotes are fully tested, bring your own caffeine


Edge is an experimental BGP route announcer. It still requires further testing in the real world, and in particular compatibility testing against real world upstream BGP routers. It assumes a relatively broad knowledge of enterprise/internet networking. It was largely done to scratch the author's rampant enthusiasm for fiddling with hitherto unknown parts of modern networks.


minimal elixir liveview app using simplecss


Erlang/Elixir NIF bindings for https://github.com/vstakhov/libucl


minimal command-line escript with rabbitmq support


a dancing skeleton for the outer planets alliance


a simple elixir library & OTP app implementation for WordPress akismet spam filtering library


FreeBSD-powered security capabilities for BEAM


BEAM NIF-based byte array from https://github.com/ferd/bitarray


BEAM NIF-based byte array from https://kivikakk.ee/2013/05/13/k6_bytea.html

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