the hacker's prose linter
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is a prose-checking tool written in C, which follows the following tenets in its design:

  • Be fast. wordsmith uses the hyperscan regex library and tries to keep as small of a footprint as possible.

  • Be simple. No complex config files. Prose-checking rules should follow a relatively simple syntax:


    Example usage:

    $ cat text.txt | ws -r rules.txt
    $ ws -r r1.txt -r r2.txt # two rules files, reads from stdin
    $ ws -r r1.txt -r r2.txt in1.txt in2.txt # two rules files, two input files
  • Be extensible. wordsmith integrates libtcc to allow for adding custom linters by specifying them in external C files. As an example:

    // ext.c
    #include <stdlib.h>
    // We can specify custom tcc flags
    #pragma ws tcc -L/home/me/includes
    // init initializes the context of this linter
    int init(void **ctx, rules_t *rules, sink_t sink) {
        // initializing or whateva
    // report goes through a piece of prose, reporting any lints
    // to the sink given previously
    int report(void *ctx, prose_t prose) {
        // reporting or whateva
    // deinit frees the context initialize in init
    void deinit(void *ctx) {
        // freeing or whateva
    $ ws -e ext.c -r rules.txt prose.txt

For more information, wordsmith comes with a manual.


  • a c compiler
  • libtcc
  • meson
  • hyperscan
  • optionally, nix