Arch Linux PKGBUILDs
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#PKGBUILDs for Arch User Repository

Includes control scripts for managing AUR packages.

In order to reuse this, checkout the "base" branch and add your own packages on top. Don't keep mine. ;) An additional branch, "submodules-base", contains a previous attempt of mine. I decided I don't want to use submodules, but if you'd rather use that, feel free to take a look. :)

#How it works

Commit PKGBUILDs in named subdirectories. Export them to the AUR with the included aurpublish script, using the subtree push stratagem. This preserves an independent history for third-party hosting, pull requests... ;)


  • ./setup.sh ssh

Append ssh-config rules for accessing the AUR.

  • ./setup.sh hooks

Install githooks.

  • ./aurpublish PACKAGE

Push PACKAGE to the AUR. With "--speedup", merges the split history back in.

  • ./aurpublish -p PACKAGE

Pull package from the AUR (if you adopted an existing package, or have a co-maintainer).

  • ./aurpublish log PACKAGE

View the git log of a package subtree.

  • ./import-from-aur3.sh PACKAGE

Experimental. Download the history of a non-migrated AUR3 package, and commit it to a new subtree.


  • pre-commit

Warn about whitespace errors, fail if checksums don't match, and auto-generate .SRCINFO for all changed PKGBUILDs.

  • prepare-commit-msg

Prefill the commit message with a list of added/updated/deleted packages + versions (if any).