nix-plugin-pijul: don't require there to be a clang17Stdenv
nix-plugin-pijul: 0.1.3 -> 0.1.4
nix-plugin-pijul: When using clang, use clang 17
nix-plugin-pijul: 0.1.2 -> 0.1.3
Don't use pname in source URL
Update inputs
nixos/nftables: Make words' drop nulls
nixos/nftables: Remove debug print
nixos/nftables: Fold params list instead of getting items by index
nixos: Add nftables extensions
nix-plugin-pijul: 0.1.1 -> 0.1.2
Improve sys2x.systemNix module
Drop SRM and Louvre as they're now in nixpkgs
Upstream dovecot extension
srm-cuarzo: 0.3.2-2 -> 0.4.0-1
nix-pijul: Fix cross-compilation
nix-pijul: Improve patch
nix-pijul: Replace diff with hopefully more robust patch
nix-plugin-pijul: 0.1.0 -> 0.1.1