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Right now, desktoputils provides rundesktop, a command-line tool to open a set
of files in an application specified in a .desktop file.

## Configuration

desktoputils can be customized with a configuration file which currently
supports the following settings:


    # Determines where desktoputils takes the user's preferred terminal from.
    # - Internal: use the Terminal setting below
    # - KDE: (if compiled with KDE support) read from KDE settings
    Terminal Provider=Internal

    # When Terminal Provider is set to Internal, this is the terminal to launch
    # applications in that have Terminal=true set in their desktop files.

The configuration file gets loaded from *~/.config/desktoputilsrc* and
*/etc/xdg/desktoputilsrc*, whichever exists, in that order.

## Dependencies

- cmake 3.16 or greater
- extra-cmake-modules 5.86.0 or greater
- glib
- *(optional)* KF5Config 5.86.0 or greater, for reading KDE terminal settings