diceware passphrase generator
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#dw - diceware passphrase generator

dw is a diceware passphrase generator.


dw requires linux kernel >= 3.17 for getrandom(). This can be easily changed to another random function to port to other systems.


Edit config.mk to match your local setup.

Enter the following command to build and install dw:

make install

By default, this will install dw and the dwgen helper script in /usr/local/bin and eff_wordlist_long in /usr/local/share/dict.


By default, dw reads a wordlist from stdin and writes 6 random words to stdout followed by a newline. See dw(1) for options to change the default behavior.

A wordlist is simply a list of words separated by a newline. See eff_wordlist_long for an example. Official wordlists for diceware generation have numbers at the beginning, so if you're using those, strip them out. The provided eff_wordlist_long already has these numbers removed.

dwgen is a simple script that redirects eff_wordlist_long into dw, using the default passphrase length. This can be easily piped to password managers that support passwords on standard input, e.g. pass(1):

`dwgen | pass insert -e foo`


All dw source code is distributed under the ISC license. See source files for verbatim license and copyright info.


Send comments, bug reports, and patches to dev@dax.moe with [dw] in the subject line.

##See also

EFF Dice-Generated Passphrases: https://www.eff.org/dice