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#drpc - doman reconstruction project calculator

drpc is a tool to ff14 players to calculate the number of allagan pieces to donate to the doman reconstruction project.


Edit config.mk to match your local setup.

Enter the following command to build and install drpc:

make install

By default, this will install files into /usr/local.


drpc [-r] [-p platinum] [-g gold] [-s silver] [-b bronze] [-t tin] cap rate

cap is the weekly gil cap, e.g. 20000 for 20,000 gil

rate is the percentage bonus, e.g. 200 for 200%

p, g, s, b, and t are the available allagan pieces to donate

s reverses the priority to donate the cheap pieces first instead of the expensive pieces


All drpc source code is distributed under the ISC license. See source files for verbatim license and copyright info.


Send comments, bug reports, and patches to dev@dax.moe.