a bot to sync ldap groups to matrix rooms
Added readme + fixed bug in service file
Added AGPL-3.0 license text
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


mlrbd is bot to sync ldap groups to matrix rooms

Send support questions and feature requests to ~davidlang/mlrbd@lists.sr.ht.


  • ldap server
  • matrix-synapse
  • postgres (>=10)


Install the dependencies:

  • go (>=1.12)

Then compile mlrbd:

$ make


# make install

Insert your credentials in the config file /etc/mlrbd/mlrbd.conf and set the options as needed.

On your host running matrix-synapse, create a file called mlrbd.yaml in a location accessible by matrix-synapse (i.e. /etc/matrix-synapse/mlrbd.yaml with the following content:

id: "Mlrbd"
url: null
as_token: "<your access token>"
hs_token: "<dummy access token, currently unused>"
sender_localpart: "mlrbd"
  users: []
  aliases: []
  rooms: []

On your host running matrix-synapse, edit homeserver.yaml to include this file:

app_service_config_files: ["/path/to/mlrbd.yaml"]

Restart matrix synapse

On your host running mlrbd, run

$ mlrbd

or use a service file provided in dist/


Send patches to ~davidlang/mlrbd-dev@lists.sr.ht.

Bugs & todo here : ~davidlang/mlrbd