This repository is for publishing posts to my personal blog using weblog.lol and sourcehut Builds.
Revert changes to build manifest
Switches from bleeding-edge Alpine to stable Alpine and changes php8-curl
Switches back to bleeding-ege Alpine


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#Beyond the Walls

This is the repository of the files needed for my blog, Beyond the Walls, powered by weblog.lol and sourcehut Builds.

The blog uses only HTML and CSS, partly because I don't remember anything I learned about JavaScript from my high school web development classes, and partly because I use uBlock Origin with JavaScript blocked, and it'd be silly if I can't view my own blog without relaxing uBlock Origin's settings.

I have made this repository public so that others can see how I've set up my blog. People can see the source code and content of my blog through other means, anyway.

This blog doesn't request external fonts or icon sets. This is for speed optimization of the blog.


I am only responsible for my blog posts and pages, as well as some tweaks to the default configuration and templates.

Please give credit where it is due: