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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#sreader: A Simple TUI Atom and RSS Feed Reader

This uses hex-encoded SHA1 hashes of the desired feeds' URLs to store them. It's much better than putting the URL or feed name as a filename because that would look ugly in the filesystem and possibly cause issues.


  • [X] Simple, clean TUI interface
  • [X] Open in browser or media player
  • [X] Vim keys
  • [X] XDG Base Directory Specification compliant
  • [ ] Show when an entry has been read
  • [ ] View all entries at once
  • [ ] Filter out read entries
  • [ ] Regex search through entries
  • [ ] "Nickname" feeds
  • [ ] Config file for keybindings and default browsers/players
  • [ ] Search for feeds
  • [ ] Color theming
  • [ ] Add feeds through the TUI


Submit an issue. Email me a patch or submit a PR if you've fixed it. Emailing patches is always preferred.


GNU GPL v3 only.