cpu architecture project
8e664f94 — Benjamin O'Neill 2 years ago
Revamp assembler :)
22db67e4 — Benjamin O'Neill 2 years ago
Update ROM assembly
3227c1fb — Benjamin O'Neill 2 years ago
Add keyboard support!


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An emulator of custom hardware (inspired by DCPU-16)


This is a project designed to help me learn about low level computing in the coolest way possible (in my opinion), by creating a computer emulator for custom hardware! Of course, this could be useful to anyone, the casual programmer, the CS student, etc. so take a look at the code! Forking is encouraged, also.


This emulator is designed to be, well, easy to emulate. It uses mainly hex in the code, with binary only used for signing. This makes it easier on the brain.


I have these uncompleted goals set in place:

  • Debugger
  • Keyboard
  • Monochrome Display (In progress!!!!)

#How To

To assemble a ROM (bash script):

./assemble (rom source) (destination)

To disassemble a ROM (bash script):

./disassemble (rom) (destination)

To emulate a ROM (bash script):

./emulate (rom)


MIT, refer to LICENSE.txt :)