4ccfe62d — Danilo Spinella 2 years ago master
README.md: Add Rationale and link to rinstall blog post
Update README.md
Use outputdir as root for libraries in rust projects
Allow each install entry to be either a string or a struct

Update install.yml accordingly.
Apply cargo-clippy fixes
Update completions format in install.yml

Completions are now divided into bash, fish and zsh. There is no need
to specify the type for each completion file.

Add example in README.
Improve README format
Allow InstallEntry struct in completions
Update dependencies
Use "cargo metadata" to get target_directory in rust projects
main: Update .packaging to .package
CI: Disable unused dependencies check
Support install.yml file inside .package directory
README: Improve configuration section
Move default configuration in config directory
Update dependencies
Add builds.sr.ht CI
71434d22 — Danilo Spinella 2 years ago
README.md: Update example and fix leading -
Add missing sources
package: Stop using the version when installing docs

Remove the now unused version from install.yml.